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Catalogs & ArticlesCommercial Bathroom Soap Dispensers - Keep it Clean
Commercial Bathroom Soap Dispensers - Keep it Clean
Commercial Bathroom Soap Dispensers - Keep it Clean

Eventually, a Commercial Bathroom Soap Dispenser can become "Stinky". This can be caused by several factors. For the standard Stainless Steel type that has a "pour in soap" feature:

The 2 primary causes of Stinky Soap Dispensers:

  1.  The Soap Dispenser is growing bacteria.
  2. The Soap inside the Dispenser has expired.

In either case, the solution is a thorough cleaning.

Here are the steps to clean.

  1. Remove the Soap Dispenser from the wall.
  2. Drain all soap from the Dispenser.
  3. Soak (overnight) in a detergent. Any dish soap (such as  Ajax) is good.
    1. Do not use hand soap for this!
    2. This will soften all the old, stinky hand soap.
  4. Thoroughly rinse in hot water until clean.
    1. A dish scrub brush is helpful as well as a non- abrasive scrub sponge.
    2. Pay special attention to the inside of the dispenser
  5. Flush the Dispenser Valve
  6. Drain and dry off the Dispenser
  7. Place back in service and re-fill with soap. Pump out until only soap appears from the valve.

Tip: in the case of low volume Soap Dispenser use:
Consider only filling partially. That way the soap will be refreshed often.

Click here for a handy Bobrick Instruction Sheet showing Dispenser Parts details.

(PDF attachment located in the middle of above product page)

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